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January 17, 2017

How to Run a Facebook Giveaway to Get More Likes and Comments

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Rignite Case Study - Frends Beauty Facebook Giveaway

Does your Facebook page need an engagement boost? Frends Beauty shows us how running a Facebook giveaway through Rignite is just the trick!

Do you ever get that feeling that no matter how many awesome graphics, tantalizing questions, or hilarious comics you post on your Facebook page, you’re not getting enough engagement? It happens to even the most well-known brands. But luckily, there are loads of different ways to grab your fans attention and get that …

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    August 24, 2015

    Cool Giveaways on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook That Caught My Eye

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    Social media giveaways can be an important component for social media marketing success (especially for an e-commerce business). But how do you create one that gets great engagement?

    Here’s a few recent giveaways I’ve noticed on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to get your creative juices flowing.


    1Twitter: Go Ahead

    Twitter Giveaway: Retweet & Follow for a Chance to Win a Summer Basket  @goahead gave away a summer snack basket of goodies to people who retweeted and followed them. The peek …

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      May 18, 2015

      5 Proven Ways To Grow Your Facebook Fan Page

      Social Media Strategy Posted by Guest Author
      Grow Facebook Page

      Today’s guest author is David Schneider. Dave is the cofounder of NinjaOutreach, an innovative new Blogger Outreach software for marketers. He writes about business and entrepreneurship at SelfMadeBusinessman, and enjoys travel.

      There’s been a lot of talk lately about the value of a Facebook Fan Page.

      Groove, a customer support software, made a huge splash when they deleted their Facebook Page.

      There number one reason was that it was “embarrassing”:

      “We have more than 2,000 …

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        September 1, 2014

        5 Best Social Media Campaigns to Drive Customers Through Your Sales Funnel Stages

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        Ka-ching! We all love the sound of a new customer buying our product. And most likely their purchase was the result of many efforts to move them through your sales funnel stages, whether you did this on purpose or not.

        So how can you move your prospects through your sales funnel stages using social media? Here are the best social media campaign examples to demonstrate how you can move people from awareness to purchase using social …

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          August 9, 2014

          7 Recurring Facebook Campaign Ideas to Boost Engagement

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          Recurring FB Campaign Ideas - Thumb

          Do you feel like Facebook campaigns are too time consuming and aren’t worth the energy it takes to create, set up, and manage?

          Running a Facebook giveaway, contest, or sales promotion doesn’t have to be a one-time thing.  In fact, sporadically running contests can give a flurry of engagement that quickly dies away.

          The best way to get the lasting effects from Facebook campaigns is to create a recurring series or theme.

          << click to tweet …

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            July 7, 2014

            How to Do a Giveaway on Facebook

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            How to do a Facebook giveaway - thmb

            When it comes to Facebook giveaways, all types of businesses are welcome to throw their hat into the ring. After all, whether you’re a trendy clothing line or a dentist’s office, keep in mind that everyone loves free stuff – especially when it comes with the sweet satisfaction of victory. The best part is that they’re simple to set up, and even easier to track.

            You’re probably wondering why you should even do a giveaway on …

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              April 21, 2014

              Our Favorite Facebook Coupon Campaigns from the Last Year

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              If you’d have asked us 10 years ago, “Name two words least likely to be used together in a sentence”, there’s a chance we would have said “Extreme” and “Couponing.”

              Shows what we know.

              Aside from the television shows and hoarding-esque hobbies, couponing has become a favored type of social media campaign. Marketers are attracted to the use of electronic coupons, especially on Facebook, for a few reasons:

              Coupon campaigns are easy to run
              Coupon campaigns drive sales
              Coupon campaigns …

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