August 24, 2015

Cool Giveaways on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook That Caught My Eye

Cool GiveawaysSocial media giveaways can be an important component for social media marketing success (especially for an e-commerce business). But how do you create one that gets great engagement?

Here’s a few recent giveaways I’ve noticed on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to get your creative juices flowing.


1Twitter: Go Ahead

Twitter Giveaway: Retweet & Follow for a Chance to Win a Summer Basket  @goahead gave away a summer snack basket of goodies to people who retweeted and followed them. The peek at the tempting basket made me think about those yummy treats in a nice quality basket.

GoAhead Twitter Followers

You can see from the statistics below the post that almost 1,700 people retweeted their post, likely reaching tens of thousands of people on Twitter.

Also, from the statistics above the post, you can calculate the Really Simple Success Metric for this giveaway of 18%, a very respectable achievement.

I liked this giveaway for a stimulating, visually appealing (and appetizing) prize, and it’s successful results.

2Instagram: SAVandSTUFF

Instagram Giveaway: Follow and Repost With Hashtag to Win a Sephora Lip Set  @SAVANDSTUFF ran a giveaway with a tempting prize and clear instructions for entering.

SavNStuff Instagram Giveaway

Engagement was great, with over 1500 posts! Imagine all the exposure they received with these posts.

SavNStuff Post Count

The winners were contacted through a new Instagram post on @savandstuff (again, very clear about what the post was about!), on time and with a comment on their original posts as well.

SavNStuff Winner

I liked this giveaway for its simplicity, clear instructions, and colorful engaging posts. Clearly their followers like it too!

3Facebook: Author Lori Foster

Facebook Giveaway: Comment on Best Cover Photo to Win a Signed Copy  When author Lori Foster was launching her new book and wondering which cover photo would be most appealing, she decided to ask her fans. Offering the incentive of getting a signed copy of the new book got her fans really excited!

LoriFoster Facebook Giveaway

In just a short amount of time (less than a day!) she received 526 comments from people voting for their favorite cover. Talk about engagement!

LoriFoster Winner

And as is customary on Facebook, the winner can be announced with a comment on the winner’s post, the original post announcement (if it was posted multiple times), and even a new Facebook post (so it appears on top).

I liked this giveaway because it was short and sweet. There was a short deadline, three winners, and a nice colorful winner announcement.

Tell us: What types of contests have you run? What do you think is a compelling prize?

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    I know that this is off topic but I am interested in promoting a video contest on Facebook where the entrant has to upload a video no longer than 15 seconds using a hashtag. I would like to use Rignite, but I have no idea how it will work because I know that Rignite can handle the photo contest but I am nnot too sure how to go about the video contest.

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