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December 26, 2013

A Year in Review: The Top 13 Social Media Happenings of 2013

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The Top 13 Social Media Happenings of 2013_thmb

It was the year that brought us Grumpy Cat and Evian’s dancing babies (we die from the cute). It was the year that brought hashtags to Facebook and videos to Instagram.

As 2013 winds to a close, we are being inundated with ubiquitous “Year in Review” and “Top Ten” lists. We are better than that – here’s our round-up of the top 13 happenings in social media for 2013.


1) Evian’s “Baby & Me” Ad

64 Million+ Views
208,000+ …

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    November 14, 2013

    #SocialPlus Events

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    Social Plus Events_thmb

    Question: What was the original Social Network?

    A) Friendster
    B) AOL
    C) Online Forums
    D) Compuserve

    Answer: E – Other. The original social networks were cocktail parties.

    Alright, that may have been (okay, definitely was) a trick question, but it’s so easy to think of connecting directly with customers as a new thing. In-person events are a great way to make a personal connection with your customers and deepen brand loyalty in a way that digital social networks simply …

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      October 17, 2013

      #SocialPlus Remarketing: They’ll Be Back

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      #SocialPlus Remarketing

      Quick, do an impression of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

      We’re willing to bet a virtual steak dinner (0 calories!) that you said “I’ll Be Back.” It’s got to be the most common impression anyone does (as countless dinner parties have proven to us), and is instantly recognizable as soon as you hear it. Everyone knows where that line comes from, because everyone’s heard it a million times. Repetition has its advantages. Your goal should be to build the …

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        June 20, 2013

        #SocialPlus Email: An Interview With the Rebel of Email Marketing

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        DJ Waldow - SocialPlus Interview

        So, you’re social following is growing—now what do you do with all these new fans?

        (Spoiler alert:  we’re gonna tell you what!)

        An engaged social following is only worth what you make of it . . . so… do something with it! With that in mind, we want to share one of the quickest and most seamless ways to turn followers into customers: email marketing.

        We had the distinct honor of interviewing email-marketing guru DJ Waldow, author of …

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          April 12, 2013

          #SocialPlus: Social Media Customer Service. Where Win Meets Win.

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          Social Customer Service

          Are your customers using social media? Probably.

          The 2012 Social Habit report from Edison revealed that 56% of Americans have a social profile, up from 52% in 2011, and 24% in 2008. Further, the study showed that 22% of American’s have “The Social Habit” described as using social networks several times a day.

          If your customers are using social media, are they using it to receive customer service? Very likely.

          Entreprenuer revealed statistics from a study commissioned by …

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            April 4, 2013

            9 Advantages of Social Media for Business [Infographic]

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            How a Social Business Can Benefit From A Single Social Signal

            Social media for business is usually considered a marketing function. But the advantages of social media can benefit all functions of your business throughout the entire customer life cycle.  Adopting social media across the organization can help businesses:

            Increase brand awareness
            Get more customers
            Increase lifetime value of their customers
            Keep customers happy
            Find new market opportunities
            Get their pricing strategy right
            Increase operational efficiencies
            Attract and retain talented employees
            Get industry insights to make better informed business decisions

            In this infographic below, we take a few …

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              March 26, 2013

              Introducing #SocialPlus – A Resource to Help Small and Medium Sized Companies Do Social Business Right

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              Social media continues to impact businesses of all sizes. Real-time communication has become a necessity in today’s fast paced business world. Forward-thinking companies are proactively integrating a social layer that crosses multiple functions in the organization.

              Social media does not belong only to marketing. Small and medium-sized companies should use social media to accomplish a variety of business objectives:

              improving brand awareness
              increasing sales growth
              improving customer relationships
              developing better products

              But don’t just take our word for it. As Tom …

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