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Create Your Social Media Content Strategy

Get the tools you need to analyze and create your content strategy


The first step in creating your social media content strategy is to organize your ideas into categories and create a draft of your editorial calendar and posting schedule. A social media calendar template can help to get this step started.

  • Put your ideas for editorial content, promotions & giveaways, holiday themes, annual sales and more into the template.
  • Schedule out posts according to your social media and marketing calendar
  • Start analyzing your posts by Campaigns and Categories to see what works and what doesn’t.
  • Adjust your social media content strategy to get maximum engagement, clicks, and results

Rignite helps you organize your social media content and analyze results by campaigns and content categories so you can be more effective.


Execute on your social media content strategy:

  • Schedule posts across multiple social profiles
  • Schedule one or dozens of posts in Campaigns
  • Add one or more Category tags to your posts and campaigns to analyze them better
  • Export posts to Excel for analysis or review.

Creating, scheduling, and managing your posts are all easy to do in Rignite. But beyond scheduling, we give you tools such as Campaigns and Category Tags so you can organize your posts by theme or type. You can then analyze post in ways that tie back to your marketing content strategy.


How can you properly analyze your social media content strategy? You need to be able to analyze posts from multiple viewpoints:

  • Analyze posts which are part of Campaigns to see if the entire campaign is effective
  • Use Rignite post categories such as Promotion, Educational, Blog and Sales to see how different types of posts engage users
  • Analyze post categories to make sure that your desired post percentages for each type of post are being maintained. For example you may want 30% Educational and a maximum of 20% Promotional posts at any given time.

After you’ve executed your initial social media content strategy and have data from your initial posts, you’ll be able to adjust your content strategy to get better results.

Rignite allows us to easily and “under one roof” develop, implement and analyze results for our client’s campaigns. We love Rignite!

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