Social Media Marketing Campaigns

Get results from social media marketing by running goal-driven campaigns

Social Media Marketing Made Easy

Rignite has guided campaigns that help you accomplish your social media marketing goals–everything from growing your following, to boosting engagement, and driving sales

Boost Engagement with Facebook Marketing Campaigns

  • Run Facebook giveaways and contests straight on your timeline, without the need for complicated app set up
  • Require post likes or comments for participants to enter
  • Reward more than one winner to attract more participation
  • Cross promote on Twitter — we’ll automatically include a link back to your Facebook post after it’s published

Facebook social media marketing campaigns

Hashtag photo contests

Build Awareness with #Hashtag Contests on Twitter

  • Require participants to share a tweet and/or photo to be entered into a contest or giveaway
  • Specify sharing requirements, including #hashtags and @mentions to be used
  • Review and grade tweets & photo submissions that meet your requirements
  • Easily select and notify winners

Drive Sales with Coupon Campaigns

  • Attract new followers by promising a coupon code
  • Track social media ROI by coupon redemptions
  • Encourage sharing by setting a threshold number of new followers before the coupon is released

Social media marketing coupon campaign

Automate social media marketing with a series of posts

Increase Your Reach By Scheduling a series of Posts — In Just a Few Clicks

  • Put your social media marketing on auto-pilot promoting a sale, product launch, event, ebook, blog, and more by scheduling a series of social posts
  • Set a frequency and duration for how long and how often you’d like to post about your promotion
  • Sit back and watch the calendar fill up with just the click of a button

Track Results of Your Social Media Marketing

  • Get campaign level reports to prove the effectiveness of your promotions
  • Compare campaigns with aggregated results of all related social posts for each campaign
  • Track progress toward your goals with the following metrics: likes, shares, comments, retweets, follower growth, link clicks, and more

Measure ROI of social media marketing

Check out these successful social media campaigns to see how others are getting results by using Rignite.

The campaign was good and the Rignite Campaign experience made it flawless and efficient for me. I love that feature!