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Social Media Monitoring Tools

Save time by monitoring all your social activity from one place

Customize Your Social Media Monitoring Tools

Our solution gives you the flexibility to filter your streams to suit your needs


  • See all your social accounts in one stream
  • Create separate streams for any grouping of social accounts
  • Filter by message type
  • Monitor Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube and Google Plus

Monitor by Accounts

Monitor by Keywords


  • Create search streams to monitor for people talking about your industry, products, brand, competitors, and more
  • Search by location to find local conversations
  • Search across multiple social networks to find conversations wherever they are happening
  • Filter to only show results from Influencers and VIP’s


  • Create watch lists of VIP customers, influencers, competitors and more
  • From a single stream, monitor people’s profiles from any combination of networks they are on — Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Google Plus

Filter Monitor by Watch Lists

Feedly Integration


  • Rignite integrates with Feedly for easy monitoring of new posts on any RSS stream that you follow
  • Post articles from your Feedly streams straight to your social profiles from within Rignite
  • Share your Feedly streams with your team so you can tag team content curation

Rignite made 24/7 contact with customers on social media easier than ever. In 2 months, we’ve almost doubled our Twitter followers, and that’s now showing in our sales!

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