July 7, 2014

How to Do a Giveaway on Facebook

When it comes to Facebook giveaways, all types of businesses are welcome to throw their hat into the ring. After all, whether you’re a trendy clothing line or a dentist’s office, keep in mind that everyone loves free stuff – especially when it comes with the sweet satisfaction of victory. The best part is that they’re simple to set up, and even easier to track.

You’re probably wondering why you should even do a giveaway on Facebook in the first place – here are some answers for you.

The three main reasons you should consider running your own giveaway:

1Boost Engagement

First off, if you’re looking to boost engagement, this is the solution for you. If you indicate that users must comment or like a post to enter, you’ve just created a flurry of engagement on your page! If users are drawn to your page after entering your contest, they may also continue to check out other posts and like or comment on those as well.

Bonus resource: To get that flurry of engagement to snowball, make sure you find the best time to post on Facebook for your audience.

2Grow Your Following

Secondly, Facebook giveaways are great in terms of growing your following. Say, for instance you are cross promoting your giveaway on Twitter. Maybe some of your Twitter followers don’t ‘like’ your page on Facebook yet, but when they catch wind of your Facebook giveaway because you cross-promote it on Twitter, they’ll be more inclined to like you on Facebook to be able to enter.

3Build Your Email List

Lastly, Facebook giveaways are awesome for building your email list. Requiring participants to fill out a form on your website for a chance to win a prize is a great way to grow your list! Now you can continue to correspond with them beyond the giveaway.

The process of setting up your Facebook giveaway may seem daunting at first, but don’t worry! We’ve created a SlideShare with our best practices & tips on how to do a giveaway on Facebook that will make it a breeze! It’s all broken down into seven simple tips. Check them out, and you’ll be inspired to set up your own Facebook giveaway campaign! Let us know how they turn out.

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