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November 16, 2016

How to Schedule Posts on Facebook to Promote Your Business

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Although it’s pretty easy to figure out how to schedule posts on Facebook, it can be a challenge to do it efficiently and effectively.

Here are some guidelines for how to schedule posts on Facebook to promote your business. We’ll provide examples from Rignite’s social media management tools that can make your life easier with a powerful solution for scheduling posts on Facebook.

How to Schedule Posts on Facebook

Facebook provides basic functionality to schedule a post directly in Facebook. However, it’s not …

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    May 18, 2015

    5 Proven Ways To Grow Your Facebook Fan Page

    Social Media Strategy Posted by Guest Author
    Grow Facebook Page

    Today’s guest author is David Schneider. Dave is the cofounder of NinjaOutreach, an innovative new Blogger Outreach software for marketers. He writes about business and entrepreneurship at SelfMadeBusinessman, and enjoys travel.

    There’s been a lot of talk lately about the value of a Facebook Fan Page.

    Groove, a customer support software, made a huge splash when they deleted their Facebook Page.

    There number one reason was that it was “embarrassing”:

    “We have more than 2,000 …

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      March 16, 2015

      How to Share Blog Posts on Facebook that Get Clicks and Engagement

      Tips & How To’s Posted by
      Sharing blog posts on Facebook

      Let’s be honest… with all the noise in a typical person’s Facebook feed, you have to wonder – is anybody reading the blog posts I share on Facebook? How can you possibly capture someone’s attention when there are thousands of posts to choose from? It may seem daunting, so we’ve compiled a short list of tips that will show you how to share blog posts on Facebook that stand out from the crowd!

      1Share the blog …

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        February 9, 2015

        How to Find the Best Time to Post on Facebook

        Tips & How To’s Posted by
        best day and time to post on Facebook

        You don’t need a study to tell you the best time to post on Facebook.

        Google it and…

        Time Magazine will tell you it’s “absolutely Fridays”

        Mediabistro will tell you it’s “on weekdays in the late afternoons between 2-5pm”

        Hubspot will tell you it’s “Wednesdays at 3pm“

        KissMetrics will tell you it’s “Saturdays at noon”

        AddThis will tell you it’s “Thursdays between 9am-12pm“

        So who do you believe?

        Your very own Facebook Insights. That’s who.

        The only …

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          August 9, 2014

          7 Recurring Facebook Campaign Ideas to Boost Engagement

          Case Studies Posted by
          Recurring FB Campaign Ideas - Thumb

          Do you feel like Facebook campaigns are too time consuming and aren’t worth the energy it takes to create, set up, and manage?

          Running a Facebook giveaway, contest, or sales promotion doesn’t have to be a one-time thing.  In fact, sporadically running contests can give a flurry of engagement that quickly dies away.

          The best way to get the lasting effects from Facebook campaigns is to create a recurring series or theme.

          << click to tweet …

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            November 21, 2013

            The Ultimate Facebook Posting Cheat Sheet

            Tips & How To’s Posted by Guest Author

            Today’s guest author is Lynn McLeod, Product Marketing Consultant at Rignite. She blogs about how businesses can integrate social media into their overall marketing strategy.

            Sometimes we think back to high school and remember when the teacher would allow us to bring one sheet of paper with notes on it to the exam. It wasn’t enough room to fill out all the answers (unless, of course, you were a master of tiny script), but it was …

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              January 25, 2013

              Facebook: New Products Every Business Must Consider In Their Marketing Strategy

              Social Media Strategy Posted by Guest Author

              As a survivor of the 2012-end-of-world predictions, I’m happy to be writing this for those of you who are still out there.

              2012 was a big year for Facebook. From going public with their IPO, to reaching 1 Billion monthly active users, to understanding that the underlying network offerings had to be mobile ready. This was a pivotal year for a company that is essentially still in its infancy by enterprise …

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