June 8, 2017

Easy-to-Use Social Media Report Template to Impress People


Social-media-report-templateWould you like to create a social media report that impresses? Are you wondering what social media analytics to include?

There’s a lot of numbers available for your social media activities. Fans, likes, retweets and more.

How should you decide what to include? It would be helpful to have a social media report template to help get started.


Here’s a Social Media Report Template That Will Impress Your Boss or Clients

Here’s a checklist for creating your social media report.

DoDecide What to Report, and When

To figure out what to include in your social media report, first go back to your goals. What were you trying to accomplish?

  • Retweets, Shares, Likes, Comments
  • Clicks on links
  • Mentions
  • Results from marketing campaigns

Next decide how often to report your analytics – weekly, monthly?

DoGet The Basic Analytics Out of the Way

A soci

  1. Fans/Followers. Including demographics if applicable
  2. Social account summaries. Engagement
  3. Top posts.
  4. Engaged users.
  5. Number of posts.

DoFocus on Marketing Campaigns

You’ll most likely

DoAnalyze Post Results by Categories

The core social media management activities outlined in your proposal should include:

DoNow What? Adjust, Experiment, Improve

Discover whether appr

Download the Free Social Media Report Template

This downloadable social media report template provides examples for what to include to impress your boss or client.

kkk. You can sign up for a free trial of Rignite here to try these features out for yourself.

Download the template today! It’s got ideas and samples for what to include in your report.

Download social media proposal template

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