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April 4, 2013

9 Advantages of Social Media for Business [Infographic]

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Social media for business is usually considered a marketing function. But the advantages of social media can benefit all functions of your business throughout the entire customer life cycle.  Adopting social media across the organization can help businesses:

Increase brand awareness
Get more customers
Increase lifetime value of their customers
Keep customers happy
Find new market opportunities
Get their pricing strategy right
Increase operational efficiencies
Attract and retain talented employees
Get industry insights to make better informed business decisions

In this infographic below, we take a few …

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    March 8, 2013

    Social Media Workflow: Crisis Management Response Charts

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    As you develop your social media policy and strategy, a critical but often-overlooked component is an organized workflow that communicates rules for engagement for the entire team.

    Not having a workflow for engaging in social media conversations can decrease productivity and put your team at risk. Lack of coordination could mean that multiple team members are tripping over each other with similar responses or they are dropping the ball entirely and not being responsive with your …

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