October 10, 2015

5 Cyber Monday Ideas for Social Media Campaigns

Cyber Monday Cybermonday-ideas-campaigns-social-mediacampaigns often follow right on the heels of (or in parallel with) Black Friday campaigns and Thanksgiving campaigns. Fun giveaways, contests and other engaging promotions can help warm up your audience for their holiday spending.

Because the focus of Cyber Monday is online, social media campaigns can spread the news about your brand quickly so you have as large an audience as possible for your holiday sales.

Of course, you should plan for the usual discounts, promotions, sales, and BOGO offers for your Cyber Monday social media campaigns, but don’t forget to have some fun too!

Here are 5 Cyber Monday ideas for social media campaigns that’ll help increase your engagement and fan base while generating holiday sales:

1Cyber Monday Idea #1: Instagram Giveaway

If you have a visually attractive or seasonal prize to give out, running an Instagram giveaway campaign can be fun and a great brand builder.  Here’s an example from jaredscrochet:


This one asks a lot from fans to enter. It asks for a Follow, Repost, and Tag with two hashtags. If your prize is really valuable or cool, you can ask for a lot. Otherwise, asking for too much just creates too much friction for fans.

Also, if you’re asking for people to Repost an image, the entry instructions should be included on the image itself, so as the picture spreads the instructions for entering go along with it.

2Cyber Monday Idea #2: Twitter Retweet Giveaway

A simple Twitter giveaway and the easiest for fans to enter is one that asks for a Retweet to enter, like this one from YesStyle:


This one also asks for a tweet of your favorite style and includes hashtags, so it’s a bit more complicated than just a retweet giveaway. But the link provides both the prize descriptions as well as the full instructions for the tweet, including an example tweet.

One good idea is to combine a giveaway with a sale in one campaign. For YesStyle, there is a giveaway and an 80% off sale with coupon code being promoted. Each retweet will help spread the word about the sale.

3Cyber Monday Idea #3: Instagram Comment Giveaway

A simple way to run a giveaway is just to require a comment on your post to win a gift card or product credit, like below:


Don’t forget to give some guidance about what you want to see in the comments. It could be a favorite flavor, product, or like in the example above, just your email address. Asking for email addresses is a bit risky because many people won’t want to put their email into a public post, but these days we’re seeing a lot more examples like this.

4Cyber Monday Idea #4: Facebook Comment to Enter

If you’re more focused on Facebook than Instagram for engagement and sales, a ‘comment to enter’ campaign is also simple to run on Facebook.


If you’ve got a large fan base and a valuable prize to give away, don’t over-complicate things. Just ask for a comment or like on your post, and you’ll see engagement take off. Even without asking, you’ll also see a few shares.

5Cyber Monday Idea #5: Discount, Free Shipping or BOGO

If you’re running a sale or special promotion ending on Cyber Monday, you’ll just want to get the word out with eye-catching images and bold headlines. You can provide details in the description, but your main promotion should be on your image, like this:


You can also try free shipping or a BOGO – Buy One Get One free or half off promotion. Be sure to schedule your posts across all your social networks and frequently to make sure you catch the eye of as many fans as possible.

Also use appropriate hashtags so people searching for Cyber Monday sales or your products can find you.


Rignite Insight:

For all of your holiday campaigns, make sure you create of steady drumbeat of social media posts to attract as many fans as possible. Don’t assume they’ll see your one post in a sea of holiday posts. And don’t forget to cross-promote your campaign on your other social networks with a link to your promotion post. You can do these tasks easily in a software platform like Rignite.

A Cyber Monday social media campaign is a great way to increase engagement and reach more fans. This can lead to a successful holiday season for your company. Because of its online focus, Cyber Monday campaigns can have increased exposure on social media. Don’t forget to create a mix of fun giveaways with sales promotions to make your Cyber Monday a success.

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