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January 8, 2020

Easy-to-Use Social Media Proposal Template to Win More Clients

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Would you like to create a social media proposal to win new clients? Are you looking for a social media proposal template to get your creative juices flowing?

With so many social media activities to offer your potential clients, it’s hard to know where to start and how to communicate the value.

Here’s the bottom line: Your proposal needs to identify the key social media activities that will deliver business results.

Start by understanding what drives business for …

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    June 8, 2017

    Easy-to-Use Social Media Report Template to Impress People

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    Would you like to create a social media report that impresses? Are you wondering what social media analytics to include?

    There’s a lot of numbers available for your social media activities. Fans, likes, retweets and more.

    How should you decide what to include? It would be helpful to have a social media report template to help get started.


    Here’s a Social Media Report Template That Will Impress Your Boss or Clients

    Here’s a checklist for creating your social media report.

    Download a Free …

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      November 17, 2016

      5 Christmas Contest Ideas for Social Media Campaigns

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      Christmas  social media campaigns are starting earlier and earlier each year, and it’s becoming harder to be heard on social media. Now is the time to think of exciting Christmas contest ideas to grab your share of attention on social media.

      Even while you’re planning and running your Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Hanukkah campaigns, you should already have planning in progress for your Christmas campaigns.

      Here are 5 Christmas contest ideas for …

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        October 14, 2016

        47 Holiday Marketing Campaign Ideas for Social Media

        Tips & How To’s Posted by

        The end-of-year holidays provide an ideal time to grow your following, increase engagement, and boost sales.

        You’ll want to think of as many ideas as you can for your holiday marketing campaigns on social media. That way you’ll be able to pick a good mix of campaigns that won’t wear out your audience.

        Here are 47 holiday marketing ideas for social media campaigns, organized by holiday. Each page gives some great examples of easy-to-run holiday campaign ideas. We’ll highlight …

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          February 9, 2016

          How to Create A Social Media Posting Schedule

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          Are you tired of randomly posting to your social networks, whenever you happen to remember? Would you rather have a consistent way to communicate with your followers?

          A social media posting schedule can help you get consistent results. A posting schedule can be an informal plan, a formal written schedule, or even just a mindset based on strategic thinking.

          Here’s what to think about when you create your social media posting schedule.

          How to Create a Social Media Posting …

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            January 29, 2016

            The Ultimate Social Media Content Calendar Template

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            Social Media Calendar Template_lp-01

            Do you need a way to organize all your social media content ideas? Is your social media content calendar getting out of control?

            The ultimate social media content calendar template can help you bring order to the chaos. It will help you think strategically about your social media content, as well as plan your tactical daily and weekly social media posts.

            Download the Free Social Media Content Calendar Template

            Get the free ultimate social media content calendar template

            The …

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              January 25, 2016

              How to Generate Social Media Content Ideas

              Social Media Strategy Posted by

              Creating engaging content for your social media channels is always an ongoing challenge. So it helps to have a few tips and a process for generating social media content ideas.

              First, Get Organized

              You probably already have existing content that could be ideal for social media content. Let’s review the different  types of content you may already have or may want to create:

              Blog Posts
              Guides – How-To’s
              Software Downloads
              Website pages

              Gather your existing content assets and start thinking about social …

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