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Why Do Businesses Love Rignite?

Read Rignite reviews to learn why business owners, social media managers, bloggers, and agencies love Rignite

Rignite Makes It Easy to Get Results

One easy-to-use platform helps you:

  • Save time managing daily social engagement
  • Get results by running goal-oriented campaigns
  • Measure the impact of social activity

Read a few of our reviews below!

Rignite Reviews

Social media consultants, agencies, and bloggers take a look at Rignite

Put Social Media Content on Auto Pilot

Put Social Media On Auto-Pilot with Rignite

Between Rignite’s great tools and their analysis, we’ve been able to improve our content going out to better fit our fans’ needs as well as making sure it’s getting seen by—and engaged with— as many of our fans as possible. Rignite has made a monumental difference in our campaign. We’re getting more clicks on our links, and our engagement on our posts is increasing. It is the tool we needed to take our content marketing strategy to the next level.” — Ana Gotter
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Rignite Review:  What Can It Do For You?

Rignite Review by Launch and Hustle“One tool that is revolution- izing social media for business and making it easier for businesses to manage social media is Rignite. With this software, businesses are able to convert their social media activity into measurable social marketing. Whether a business is looking to grow its following, increase engagement, or win sales, Rignite makes it easier for businesses to meet their social marketing goals. By providing a comprehensive solution for managing multiple social accounts, Rignite is making it easier to leverage the power of social media for boosting consumer engagement and sales. With this all-in-one solution, businesses are able to accomplish more in less time. I know we do!” — Brett Relander — Read the review

5 Reasons to Give Rignite Another Look

5 Reasons to Give Rignite Another Look - Rignite Review

In the growing battle between social media management tools for small to medium size organizations, a few solutions are rising above the noise. I was especially impressed with new features that I believe are giving Rignite a competitive edge. The addition of Campaigns and Shopify ROI integration to its system is giving it a much-needed competitive boost. If you haven’t checked out Rignite lately, I think it’s worth another look.” — John Janney
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Tired of Hootsuite?

Tired of Hootsuite - A review of Rignite by Socially Good“Tired of Hootsuite? Consider Rignite as an impressive alternative. Whether you find Hootsuite’s pricing unreasonable, some functionality lacking, or you just don’t find their interface appealing, it’s worth trying out something new from time to time.  I loved the ‘campaign’ feature in Rignite, and used it the most to promote blogs and coupons for clients.  Once I got the hang of setting it up once, the rest was easy. The best part about Rignite though, was their wonderful customer service. Don’t forget to pick up their free complimentary eBook, ‘Marketer’s Guide to Social Media Management Solutions’.” — Clare McDowall — Read the review

4 Great Reasons to Try Rignite Now

4 Great Reasons to Try Rignite now“As a social media strategist and community manager, I am always looking for ways to save time on social media while still being effective. Rignite has different types of campaigns that can be set up. You can easily run contests (they even help choose a winner), promote an event, blog or content; boost engagement or grow your fans and followers. Sometimes there are folks that you’d like to keep an eye on but don’t necessarily want to follow (perhaps because you’ve reached your follow limit) OR whose posts you want to be sure not to miss. Rignite makes it easy to do both by using their “Account Search feature.” — Shelley Webb — Read the review

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