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March 23, 2015

Is Reposting Blog Content On LinkedIn Pulse, Medium, and Other Sites a Good Idea?

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Should I repost blog content

I’ve been questioning recently whether publishing to sites like LinkedIn Pulse and Medium is worth my time and effort.

While the benefit seems obvious (more eyeballs on your content) there’s a big cost—the precious time it takes to create content.

Compared to guest posting on other sites, LinkedIn and Medium use “no follow” links so there’s no link building SEO benefit. The benefit is purely exposure, awareness, and branding. And those are fleeting benefits, unlike the long-term …

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    February 9, 2015

    How to Find the Best Time to Post on Facebook

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    best day and time to post on Facebook

    You don’t need a study to tell you the best time to post on Facebook.

    Google it and…

    Time Magazine will tell you it’s “absolutely Fridays”

    Mediabistro will tell you it’s “on weekdays in the late afternoons between 2-5pm”

    Hubspot will tell you it’s “Wednesdays at 3pm“

    KissMetrics will tell you it’s “Saturdays at noon”

    AddThis will tell you it’s “Thursdays between 9am-12pm“

    So who do you believe?

    Your very own Facebook Insights. That’s who.

    The only …

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